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The National Poultry Museum is now open!

Located on the Ag Center grounds, the National Poultry Museum is full of artifacts, artwork, and information all related to, what else, poultry.

Throughout the 1800s, and even into the 1900s, raising poultry was a casual, backyard hobby. Flocks were small, egg production levels were low, and the quality and availability of meat was dependent on what month it was.

Over the years, however, the poultry industry has managed to transform itself from an amateur affair into a professional, big dollar business with a yearly production value of close to $30 billion.

When you go to the grocery store, the variety of affordable, high quality poultry products for sale is almost mind boggling. You can buy chicken, turkey, duck, or goose meat; buy a whole bird or just parts; buy the meat boneless, bone-in, skinless, or skin-on; buy it breaded, frozen, precooked, or marinated...the options are endless. In regard to eggs, you can buy them white, brown, or multi-colored; buy free range, cage-free, nutrient enhanced, or even pasteurized; you can even buy just the yolks or just the whites.

So how did this enormous change happen?

Come explore, and find out the answer to this question, as well as discover the answers to questions like...

  • Where did chickens come from?
  • What other types of poultry do people raise?
  • How long does it take for a hen to lay an egg?
  • Why are some eggs white, and some brown, while others are green or blue?
  • How many pounds of chicken meat do Americans eat every year?
  • What exactly is turkey bacon?

...all inside the National Poultry Museum.

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